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Heart Of Metal               

Programmer                                                                                 May, 2020 - Present

About the game:

Heart of  Metal is a networked 2v2 robot shooting game Made with Unreal Engine 4. In the game each team has two players. One controls the robot moving while the other one is in charge of attacking.

We plan to launch it on Steam in March 2021.

Works I did:

Implemented gameplay features:

- Coded robot movement, robot decompose, robot re-combine (Some of these features are shown in the pictures on the right)

Designed and implemented the matchmaking system:

- Designed and programmed a matchmaking system that satisfies players' various needs including searching for an internet match by the player himself/ herself, forming a pay with friends through Steam invite, entering a match with the party

- Coded a system(C++) based on Unreal Beacon system to handle communications during the matchmaking stage, providing a lightweight way of interaction between server/party host and their clients

- Integrated Steamworks sdk into the matchmaking system as a supplement of Unreal Online Subsystem

Tested and fixed networking gameplay issues, make optimizations:

- Identified and solved replication issues. Profiled the network performance using network profiler and Optimized the network traffic

- Reduce character movement lag to provide players a better game experience

Setup character animations:

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