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Block, Block!

Gameplay Engineer, Creative Director                                                    Sep. 2020 - Present

About the game:

Block, Block is a multiplayer platformer aiming to create a lot of laughs. With the casual environment and friendly interface, we want to attract people who are not traditional players. The prototype was made by myself in one week and was finally selected to be one of our capstone projects. 

Game Trailer

Works I did:

- Initialized game ideas and determined the creative vision for this party game. The laugh, player interaction, and feedback received from playtests proved the vision.
- Prototyped and pitched the idea. The game finally got selected as one of the capstone projects of our graduate program.
- Designed and tuned controllers, game rules and game tutorials.
- Programmed for the game rule and the game UI.
- Created particles and materials following the art style requirement.
- Conducted playtest and made changes based on the observation and the feedback.

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